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Wed, 19 Jul 2000 21:31:36 -0700

> I'm can the pilot see at all, since the cameras in the
>head are covered up? I've got this pet theory for Wing Gundam...that the
>head Links up electronically somehow with the shield, which probably has
>some camera of it's own(This would also explain how it's capable of firing
>it's buster rifle while in Bird mode). Then again, maybe it's just anime
>physics at work again.

Naw, it's just more cameras. Many MS have cameras aside from the head
assembly, the head just provides a paralell to human senory range, in the
process becoming a good mount for advanced MS sensors. On the other hand, a
camera can be built anywhere on an MS (particularly in the case of Linear
Seats), and it would hardly be revolutionary to mount a camera in the
Wing's shield for in-flight vision (the shield/nose probably houses radar,
as well). There have even been several Jion designs with multiple
"mono-eyes" distributed throughout the frame.


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