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I can see why, but do remember, 90% of the people out there won't post, and
those that do tend to be negative. It can cast the silent majority in a bad
light, and while many hope it will just go away, others like yourself want
to say something good, and present a positive light. Some consider it
flamebait, some a fair heads up as to what is out there. I mean, I'd like to
know what caused negative baclash to Gundam fans, while I cannot see how I
can undo the damage, I do like to know that there are those who make the
average Joe look bad. Just .02 cents.
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>Sorry, again :( I'm just sensitive to this kind of thing.
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>> Yo Chris:
>> > A group of Wing fans at are giving a film critic a
>great deal of trouble about snide comments he made during a Pokemon 2000
>review about Anime as a whole. Here is the review(I have a few posts there
>myself, but they are mostly of a neutral nature)
>> >
>> > and here is the negative response by Eric's web community:
>> >
>> > I don't know about you, but I have a bad feeling about this one
>> Dude! I thought you promised us a while ago not to post these type of
>> flamebaits on the mailing list ever again! You've done this twice before
>> and both times this mailing list erupted to 100's of un-constructive
>> Once was a film critic making disparaging remarks about anime, and
>> time was a Christian nut spouting off against anime. Did we not make it

>> clear the last 2 times that this sort of posts are not wanted?
>> Michael
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