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Well, it is pretty messed-up family, methinks. I mean, his sister stalks an
assassin, even wants to be killed, and then becomes an advocate for world
peace! Sayla was'nt half this weird...imagine if Relena was on the White
Base...well, at least she would'nt have stolen the Gundam like Sayla
did-she'd probably take a little unarmed buggy out and reveal White Base's
position to the Zeon...
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> >I have been studying the parallels between Zechs and Char recently and
> >I've found something rather humorous. As others have mentioned on the
> >list the 5 Gundam Wing Pilots are different facets of Amuro to which I
> >assumed they were meaning just the Original Series/Movie Trilogy. Well I
> >noticed how Zechs has compressed the ENTIRE CAREER of Char into one
> >series.
> >
> >He starts off working for the group trying to opress the Spacenoids so
> >that he can have revenge against the murderers of his family.(0079)
> Zeon trying to oppress the Spacenoids? I think that's stretching it a
> Sure, some colonies got dropped in their war for independence, but most
> Sides are still sympathetic to their cause.
> >Zechs just jumps around from side to side with no real rhyme, reason, or
> >consistency.
> As WuFei would say... "Where is your INTEGRITY!"
> Eddie
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