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> Kind of, you see I used to be confused too, but it was pointed out to me
> that SPACY is the term used in Macross and later Gundam for a space navy,
> one might suppose it was a contraction for SPACe navY, anyway, it is one of
> those things that to many just doesn't ring true to the western ear.

Actually, "Spacy" is a word unto itself, not a contraction. It proceeds from
the English words for a land-based force and a sea-based force, thus:

Army = land force

Navy = sea force

Spacy = space force

"Space" includes the sky and thus the air forces, sparing us from "Airy"....

> I have been taking the notion that it refers to the EFSF forces ships and
> support units, and ground units might have a different designation.

The ground units are called the Army and, in fact, you can see the word "Army"
on some of the uniform insignia.

I myself would've used "Astry" for the aerospace forces, which allows the use of
the word "astral" analagous to the word "naval" for sea forces.

The leads into another interesting bit of nomenclature. Land forces carried on
a naval vessel -- an army under naval jurisdiction -- are called Marines. If
the spacy (or astry) serves the same function as a navy, operating from ships in
open space, what do we call the shipboard armies who enter, subdue, and occupy
space and lunar colonies?

I nominate another new word, "Terrenes"....


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