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Wed, 19 Jul 2000 16:54:33 -0500

> Zechs just jumps around from side to side with no real rhyme, reason, or consistency.
actually, there is a reason for his changing sides.. he stays with OZ
after getting revenge and persuses his personal vendetta with Heero
because after having finally avenged his fatehr and his nation he is
confused and without direction, and the way he was heading was as good a
one as any.. he left to become the roving "ambasader at large" for the
sanq kingdom after his insubordinatoin ot persue his deul wiht Heero
left him without OZ really wanting him around anymore, and changing back
to Zechs was just the only real option available ot him when OZ
escalated hostilities in space.. his joining White Fang is anothr matter

<possible spoiler>

the AERO system is capable not only of interpreting data nd projecting
possible outcomes in a tactical sense but strategic as well.. Epyon
showe hm some possible paths the way the world was going and he chose to
join white fang and deliver the ultimat eblow in order ot make "the war
to end all wars" making a conflict so violent, so destructifve, so
bloody, that evne mentioning armed conflict between natoins would
horrify people for generations to come.. thus ensureing an aftermath of
total peace


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