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>Hello Everyone. Iam very new to this list. Iam excited to see there is so
>much indept talk in gundam

Hmm, I wonder if it was meant to be "inept" or "in depth"... hehehe.

>and newtypes and all that nice stuff. ^_^. I have
>some questions of my own, hopefully that have;nt been asked already or are
>to stupid. ^_^;
>The Gundam Movies, (1 2 and 3) Are they based on the teevee series of 0079?


>Or are they completely new stuff.

There are new footages, most are found in the third movie which replaced
certain mecha elements with new ones.

>I have the movies but have never seen the
>0079 series. Is it even avalible on video? Hn.

It's available as imported LD box sets (2 LD boxes) or seperately on VHS.
No subtitle on these, of course.

>What other Gundam series, if there is any that have Char Aznable in them?

Zeta Gundam
Char's Counterattack

>really like him and he's my favorite character so far from what I've watched
>(which is basically the 1st and 2nd Gundam Movies -- I have the third but I
>don't have time to watch it yet) Is Lalah Sun in the movies at all?

She only appears in the 3rd movie.

>She's on
>the niffy box that you get when you buy the boxset. But I have'nt seen her
>yet? Hn. I really want to see her. Maybe in the 3rd movie. Does she get alot
>of screen time.

She gets a fair amount of screen time.

>Is there a place that has links to orignal gundam sites? On anipike the
>majority is Gundam Wing. Anyone know of any links? I build a Char Aznable
>shrine. It's at: http://www.geocities.com/charmiko

Have you checked out www.gundamproject.com? It's your one-stop shopping for
all the good stuff.


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