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>Hello Everyone. Iam very new to this list. Iam excited to see there is so
>much indept talk in gundam and newtypes and all that nice stuff. ^_^. I have
>some questions of my own, hopefully that have;nt been asked already or are
>to stupid. ^_^;
>The Gundam Movies, (1 2 and 3) Are they based on the teevee series of 0079?


>Or are they completely new stuff. I have the movies but have never seen the
>0079 series. Is it even avalible on video? Hn.

The movies have some new footage, and some things were changed as far as order or equipment goes, but for the most part, the movies are an ok compilation of what happened in the original series, from what I understand. The original series will be coming to either video or to Cartoon Network, or maybe both next year I believe (or the following one, but I'm pretty sure it will be next year). It is also available in its original form in Japan and I believe there are also some Chinese subbed ones out there. But this will be the first time it appears in English I think.

>What other Gundam series, if there is any that have Char Aznable in them? I
>really like him and he's my favorite character so far from what I've watched
>(which is basically the 1st and 2nd Gundam Movies -- I have the third but I
>don't have time to watch it yet)

Char is also in Zeta Gundam, the second Gundam tv series, and of course in the movie Char's Counterattack. A clone of him is also in the novel(s?) Gaia Gear.

Is Lalah Sun in the movies at all? She's on
>the niffy box that you get when you buy the boxset. But I have'nt seen her
>yet? Hn. I really want to see her. Maybe in the 3rd movie. Does she get alot
>of screen time.

She is in the third movie. As for how much time she gets, well to answer that might spoil part of what happens, so we shouldn't say too much.

>Is there a place that has links to orignal gundam sites? On anipike the
>majority is Gundam Wing. Anyone know of any links?

Some of the best sites are Mark Simmon's Gundam Project site at

and Burke Rukes' Mecha Domain at

and also the Newtype Asylum at

There are several others out there too, but these are some of the best I've seen. And all were made by list members. Mark is also the one you will often see with articles published in magazines like Animerica and other anime mags.

Hope this helps.


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