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At 10:02 AM 7/19/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>> what exactly is the difference between the two FAZZes besides the BFG and
>> color schemes, the armor looks very similar to me
>I was just thinking the same thing. The only other difference I can find is
>the head (Sentinel's FAZZ has an elongated head, kind of like the Zeta

The only major differences are the coloration and the elongated head
(probably Katoki's doing), althought this being a MG, the coloration is a
pretty significant issue. Nonetheless, the Enhanced ZZ carries extra armor
and a larger backpack even before the addition of the Full Armor. If we're
not looking at an entirely new mold for the ZZ, then it's at least a
significant variant. My only question is, can you just build the Enhanced
ZZ without the armor?


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