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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >so where does that leave us? experienced ace pilots who "know better"
> >(i.e Zechs and Treize) and those rigerously trained in un-conventional
> >warfare (the G-boys)
> >--Les
> >P.S.
> >Mobile dolls do dodge.. at least the Taurus ones did.
> Actually, did you guys see how duo handled the Leo? he was downright
> dangerous.
> I think the problem is that a lot of the pilots came from armoured
> divisions first,and then were retrained to use MS's, whereas the aces are
> those who understood that there were fundamental differences in using an
> MS. In this sense, people like trieze and zechs are not so different from
> the gboys. they just have different approaches to the same problem: how
> to use an MS correctly.
> of course, they should see how char took out the seven ships....THAT is
> impressive.

you know, you raise an interesting point.. one of the main differrnces
between the typical OZ/Alliance pilot's handling of his LEO oand the
typical fed/Zeon hanlding of thier GMs and Zakus could be more from whre
they wre coming from.. Leo pilots just charge into a fight, secure a
good base of fire position and hose thier targets iwth fire... while the
GM and Zakus who are zipping and dodging all over the place as far as i
know were former fighter pilots


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