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>but when hostaging colonies, guarding bases and
>assaulting towns, the Leos have more or less done
>thier work well. not to mention the versatility given
>by modules.
>That is of course, in its time. then the colonies
>began Operation Meteo/r, that's when the gundams made
>them obsolete. They were still useful in Operation
>Daybreak though

Leos CAN be very effective, but they need modification. Case in point are
the maganacs.
>> Ummmm. Zech's took out the Wing Gundam(not Zero) in
>> a Leo wouldn't you say?
>> Hiro was ready to commmit suicide over it as I
>> recall...
>> Now Zech's used some odd tactics but still.... In
>> the right hands a Leo is
>> not a laughing matter.
>also, check Heero's moves with the space leo against
>Wufei in the Nataku (endless waltz), or Trowa when he
>was stil nameless (Episode Zero).

also check out how duo uses the Leo.

>> > If we take the Zaku II from MSG, we could say it
>> was quite effective,
>> > against both GM's and given suitable numbers,
>> could take out a Gundam.
>Unlike the Leo, the Zaku actually recieved upgrades
>(instead of lame modules for the Leos). You can
>customize a Zaku for space, urban, forest, desert etc.
>Plus they get more weapons.

Yup. the desert zaku, for example, had two bazookas, two rocket launchers,
a machinegun and a heathawk.

>> I'll vote for the Dom/Rick Dom/Dowadge. It lasted
>> into ZZ and was very much
>> an easy to reconfigure suit with common parts and a
>> lot of wallop. It
>> outlasted the Archduchy so it couldn't have been all
>> that bad.
>not to mention that it was a considerable improvment
>over the Zaku.
>Just wondering, are we going to consider the numbers
>deployed, purpose, efficiency, etc. or just stats?
>Here's a nice question to follow it up with, what is
>the most effective MS army?

good question. I would say that the virgo army is rally dangerous if
piloted by the correct person. imagine if Treize was the one controlling
all of them. The Virgo army requires a strategist to be at the helm.

as for the UC continuum, I would say that Crossbone vanguard makes for a
good elite force.

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