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have you tried putting the Playstation upside down? I know it sounds
strange, but when my 1st Playstation started acting up, I just flipped it
over and it worked for another year. Has something to do with the slides
that the laser sits on, I heard they dry up after a while.

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> I know this a biggie, but Sony tech support is closed until tomorrow (its
> passed regular business hours) and I can't wait until tomorrow.
> When I try to play Front Mission 3, during the Opening, my PS starts
making a
> clicking noise, the screen goes black and the system freezes up. What
> this? Is it the game or the system?
> If its the system, why does Tony Hawk Pro Skater work? It works fine with
> Tony Hawk Pro Skater and my other games, there's no clicking noise either.
> The only game that freezes and makes the clicking noise is Front Mission
> If its the system, why does this happen only with Front Mission 3?
> Yes, I cleaned the game with the apporite cloth and method. The system was
> cleaned a few weeks ago, too. My PS is about 5 years old, BTW.
> Sorry for the WAY OT post, but I ran several 'Net searches with no results
> answer to my problem. Thanks for putting up with this WAY OT post! :)
> Aaron
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