Wed, 19 Jul 2000 10:20:31 EDT

It might just be that the disk is scratched. sometimes that happens to me.

<<I know this a biggie, but Sony tech support is closed until tomorrow (its
passed regular business hours) and I can't wait until tomorrow.

When I try to play Front Mission 3, during the Opening, my PS starts making a
clicking noise, the screen goes black and the system freezes up. What causes
this? Is it the game or the system?

If its the system, why does Tony Hawk Pro Skater work? It works fine with
Tony Hawk Pro Skater and my other games, there's no clicking noise either.
The only game that freezes and makes the clicking noise is Front Mission 3.
If its the system, why does this happen only with Front Mission 3?

Yes, I cleaned the game with the apporite cloth and method. The system was
cleaned a few weeks ago, too. My PS is about 5 years old, BTW.

Sorry for the WAY OT post, but I ran several 'Net searches with no results or
answer to my problem. Thanks for putting up with this WAY OT post! :)


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