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> > Here's something that should prove interesting. What mass produced mobile
> > suit was the most effective in its time? Obviously everything is going
> > to be relative, since comparing the GM to the GunEZ isn't fair, so this
> > isn't your typical "which Gundam is strongest" question. I guess we need
> > to ask which MS did its job the best during the time it was in service.
> > For example, we can say the Leo is one of the most highly ineffectual
> MS's
> > ever concieved, since its tactics seem to involve standing still and
> > firing until it gets hit by random fire. By AC rules, no number of Leo's
> > could ever bring down a Gundam.
> Ummmm. Zech's took out the Wing Gundam(not Zero) in a Leo wouldn't you say?
> Hiro was ready to commmit suicide over it as I recall...
> Now Zech's used some odd tactics but still.... In the right hands a Leo is
> not a laughing matter.
> > If we take the Zaku II from MSG, we could say it was quite effective,
> > against both GM's and given suitable numbers, could take out a Gundam.
> > Furthermore, we can also talk about the ReGZ, which was technically mass
> > produced, but I wouldn't consider it to be as effective as others (as
> > compared to other suits in its time period, remember)
> Yeah ReGZ is tricky. The Ms-007 mass production Zeta is another matter of
> some considerable mystery.
> > Only other rule I'll impose is that it must have actually gone into
> > production, cannot be a prototype, and cannot be in the hands of a
> newtype
> > ... we're talking about your every day joe's MS here.
> >
> I'll vote for the Dom/Rick Dom/Dowadge. It lasted into ZZ and was very much
> an easy to reconfigure suit with common parts and a lot of wallop. It
> outlasted the Archduchy so it couldn't have been all that bad.
> In terms of raw ability I'd have to say Gelgoog, Marasai, or Nemo or one of
> the many GM variants. I dunno.
> The Barzam was pretty nifty....
> The Rig Shokew in V-gandam wasn't a push over either....
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