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--- Leslie_R <> wrote:
> actually, Deathscythe's Hyper-jammers don't shiled
> it form view.. jsut
> hide it from sensors i'm assuming in a similar way
> that modern day
> jammers do.. although it may be more subtle thn
> that.. the
> Deathscythe-Hell on the other hand is super-stealth
> with an active
> cloaking system that renders it truely un-seen..

The active cloak refers to the mantle around the
D-Hell (or the wings of Hell-custom). Its a cloak
(wrapped around the body), that is "active" (something
like a smart shield).

The hyper jammers give the DSH stealth, both visual
and electronical. This isn't shown much in eihter the
anime or the manga (but is was shown very clearly in
one scene in the anime when it reveals itself in the
middle of combat, saving trowa and quatre). You'll get
to see this better in the G-Gen Zero and SRW games.
There the DSH ACTUALLY dissappears from sight (it
appears that the hyper jammer not only hides the DS
but also creates visual and electronic decoys too -Duo
should have abused that).

> Duo never defeeated
> Trowa and Heero, he beat mobile dolls programed with
> their combat data..
> and as duo says in the fight, ".. but you're still
> just dolls to me"
> while they may have had Heero and trowa's moves they
> didn't have that
> spark of creativity to think "outside the box" when
> Duo started using
> un-conventional tactics and basically fought like a
> Gundam pilot..

"fought like a gundam pilot" now that's something you
can't always say for an AC character...

> remember.. all the data gathered form Heero and
> Trowa wa from them
> fighting in more conventional engagements agasint
> conventional
> opponents.. not the nasty sorta fighting Deathscythe
> was made for..
> --Les

I love the deathscythe, with all the cloak, stealth,
shinigami references, black chrome and stuff...

On the EW & GW whats the diff topic:
EW has Mecha designs from Hajime
GW anime series was designed by someone else.

In short, the DeathScythe Hell and Hell custom are one
and the same. (also the DeathScythe Ver Ka. is the
same as the original DeathScythe).

It is safe to say that the EW mechs are simply the Ver
Ka of the GW kai (space) versions... (sandrock kai,
h-arms kai, altron, W zero, hell).

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