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> >with reguard to newtype.. that's what i ment. Amuro
> is a newtype and
> >Heero isn't.. why do people who make up these
> fights keep putting the
> >non-newtypes in MS with Psychommu and psychommu
> derivative systems?
> >
> Actually, there has been some speculation that Heero
> IS in fact a Newtype - just that nobody in the AC
> Universe developed a newtype theory, so nobody
> recognises it. The FAQ at compares
> the "Space Heart" to Newtypes, and speculates that
> Heero and/or Quatre may have it, and in the episodes
> I've just been watching (37-40), a couple of the
> boys seemed to do some Newtype-like sensing.
> (Actually, if Newtypes do in fact exist in AC, IMHO
> its fair to speculate that all five G-boys are
> Newtypes).
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There is difference between Spaceheart and Newtypes
(which may also be a key in separatin AC and UC) AC
focuses more on war itself and not the people
involved, that's why "Spaceheart" is feeling the pain
and suffering of the oppressed (in this case, the
people of the colonies). Newtypes is a step in
evolution where the immense distance of space has
allowed man to evolve his psychic communcation skills.

Either way, Amuro's going to beat Heero to a bloody pulp.

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