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> i don't know how much physical strength is gained by a strenghened human
> butt. Heero did bed tohose tow conduits out of the way rather easily whe
> he went in to deactiviate the missle detonatoin at that base (after
> killing off the Alliance pacifists that is) well, easy for someone with
> such skinny arms and so little space to get leverage in anyway...

The strengthened humans in UC usually refer to artificially enhanced
humans with 'faked' newtype powers... they skip right over the new
expanded consciousness, and enlightenment part, and go straight for
the ESP-like sensory perception which makes them deadly in combat.

Because the process is so intense, and not enlightening, artificials are
as unstable as... as... Gundam Wing pilots...

The only ones I can think of right now are

Guinei Guss (Char's Counterattack)
The "Four" Murasame Clones (Z Gundam)


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