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>I'm wondering...suppose Char never got to lure Garma into that trap, and
Garma suceeded the throne of Zeon just like >Garma wanted him to.

You mean Degin... very fond of Garma.

>What do you think would have happened? Maybe he'd make Icelina's(That is
her name I think)father
>dissiapear under 'mysterious circumstances', marry her, and then boss big
brother Dozul around, like Dozul wanted.

Well if the Zeon won the war, I see Dozul telling Icelina's dad where
he can get off.

>scheming Giren and Kishiria on the other hand....well, Kishiria I don't
think really cared, as evidenced by her discussion with >Char, and maybe she
would move for his assasination, but then again she was fond of her
dad...Giren, well i'm sure he'd >tried to assasinate him anyway.

Nah, Kishiria wouldn't mind Garma so long as he didn't fire a colony
laser at her father... The Giren's Greed scenes show Degin, AND the
big K both talking to Garma about the war's progress.

Mark may have different info, but in the Novels, Giren had his own
brother he would have rather seen in power Cicero Zabi, makes me
wonder if Cicero was more evil than Giren, or more plyable than the
old man Degin... Unfortunately Cicero died in the purges right after
Zeon Daikun died...


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