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Richie Ramos wrote:
> >Here's something that should prove interesting. What mass produced mobile
> >suit was the most effective in its time?
> Hands dowsn it would be the zaku. no other MS has had so many variants,
> has been so adaptable and has been so effective. It wasa true workhorse,
> and it is was cheap to produce and still had a punch. even against beam
> spray equipped GM's it could still be effective. not bad for an MS with no
> beam weapons.

and thats' just the Zaku II generation.. not to mention Zaku III and
Hizack (which if it isn't a Zaku loks pretty damn close)

but since i'm not as familiar wiht UC as i am AC i'l try them. (please
bear with me)

the Taurus i think would probalby be the most effective mass-production
type in the AC era.. it was used effectivly by boht sides and is a
pretty good design for this universe.. and in moblie doll form was the
only thing that could take donw the Tallgeese (even when more advanced
but slower and less agile Virgo Mobile Dolls could not)

and to be fair.. the Leo is actually a great machine spec wise.. being
forced to use out-moded tactics agasint machines tha twere a degree of
magnitude or more above them in performance may have prevented this
design from showing it's all but still.. it is one of the most versitile
mobile suits ever.. not just in AC imo.. could be outfitted for space or
gournd combat (and except for the Zaku high-mobility varient i think in
the right hands a space Leo would be the better machine compared to
Zakus and GMs) and it's weapons aere just as versitile if not moreso..
beam rifles, beam cannons, dober guns, machine-rifles.. it could even be
equipped with a special flight pack and actually fly.. something no
mass-produced UC MS (to my knowledge) and very few mass-produced AC MS
could do.. if you had some veteran GM and Zaku pilots form the OYW in
those cockpits instead of the types AC had you'dprobalby be suprised at
how well a leo could perform..


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