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Be pretty interesting to see a MS development "Blooper real"....I think
Garma was a little out of the loop too, he sort of has that "I'm a spoiled
kid" personality to him.

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> > 1) End of each 08th Team video, they had a short animation on behind
> > of OYW. One of them was about Zeon development of MS. If I'm correct,
> > Federation knew that Zeon's were building MS from the beginning.
> > What stopped them from building their own? and what was Zeon's cover
> The Zeon released videos of all of their early failures and kept all of
> successes a closely held secret. The impression they gave was something
> these compilations you see of all of the early airplane designs that
> under their own weight or flew like bricks. As you note below, the entire
> concept seems a bit ridiculous. The Zeon played on that, making their
entire MS
> development program look like a foolish waste of resources.
> (They had the advantage that they didn't have vote appropriations for it.)
> > 2) Idea of building a MS that's 20 meters tall seems little ridiculous.
> > What drove Zeon to develop this huge weapon?
> They needed something as powerful as a ship that could operate in any
> environment -- out in open space, inside a space colony, on the surface of
> Moon, on the surface of the Earth and under water. In other words, they
> a machine that could go anywhere that a human could go. The humanoid
shape had
> already proven itself adaptable to all of those environments. Why not
make a
> machine in the shape of a human and adapt it similarly?
> Also, the sight of metal giants blasting everything is sight of their
> highly-elevated eyes gives them a psychological oomph, like painting
> mouths on airplanes or molding cannons in the shapes of dragons.
> Alternate explanation: the MS was the brainchild of Kycilia Zabi, who was,
> the rest of her family, with the possible exceptions of Degwin and Garma,
> certifiably nucking futz. (^_^)
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