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Kind of, you see I used to be confused too, but it was pointed out to me
that SPACY is the term used in Macross and later Gundam for a space navy,
one might suppose it was a contraction for SPACe navY, anyway, it is one of
those things that to many just doesn't ring true to the western ear.
I have been taking the notion that it refers to the EFSF forces ships and
support units, and ground units might have a different designation.
Anyhoo, it is a term for space navy, and it might grow on you.
Hope this helps...
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>Would "UNT SPACY" have anything to do with the "U.N.SPACY" found written on
>my Super Gerwalk VF-1D ("Macross Do You Remember Love" movie)? I'm unaware
>of either of their meanings, but it seems like a strange coincidence.
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>And they're back, this time as pros working on actual Gundam shows and
>merchandise. GUNDAM has now been made official and UNT SPACY has been
>the mix on the MG and PG models, and, as they even got one into Turn A
>Flexible Ladder Actuator Technology (FLAT).
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