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Oops, I guess I should have replied to Mark's post instead:

Mark Simmons wrote:

> > What he's saying is that the two books disagree as to the lineup, with MS Wars
> > citing the fourth and fifth ships as Thoroughbred and Troy Horse and MSV
> > citing them as Troy Horse and Gray Phantom.
> That's basically correct, but the attribution's the other way 'round - MS
> WARS cites them as the Troy Horse and Gray Phantom. At any rate, since the
> Gray Phantom has appeared in the animation and the Thoroughbred hasn't, the
> latest version should be considered the correct one.
> Another theory to account for the conflict: The Thoroughbred's name was
> actually changed to the Troy Horse, but earlier historians thought they were
> different ships and thus overlooked the existence of the Gray Phantom, the
> real fifth ship. :-)

Okay, but this woukld mean that the Try Horse's Scarlet MS Team was transferred to
the Gray Phantom. Not unheard of I guess. Still, I'm just a little confused as to
the origin of the Troy Horse = Gray Phantom theory (which seems to easily explain
the TH insignia).

    Neil Baumgardner

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