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> > Okay, I'm confused. Does MSV provide the theory that the Troy Horse was
> renamed the
> > Gray Phantom? It's worth noting that the Scarlet Team MS carry the letters TH.
> The
> > ship having been renamed prior to commissioning would be my best reasoning,
> either
> > that or the Scarlet Team was transferred from the Troy Horse to the Gray
> Phantom.
> What he's saying is that the two books disagree as to the lineup, with MS Wars
> citing the fourth and fifth ships as Thoroughbred and Troy Horse and MSV citing
> them as Troy Horse and Gray Phantom. He's also noting that the ship we know as
> Gray Phantom in Gundam 0080 was originally supposed to be Troy Horse.

My question is where does that theory come from - MS Wars, other sources, or

> The name change may have come late in the production, which would explain Scarlet
> Team's TH markings -- at the time they were drawn up, they were from Troy Horse,
> not Gray Phantom, and the markings weren't changed when the name was changed.

Agreed, that's what I surmised.


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