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Richie Ramos wrote:
> Yeah, I noticed this too. Zakus and doms and gelgoogs love to evade and do
> aerobatics in space that are simply wild, while on the ground, they love to
> just skim along or go guerrilla (see the afrika corps episode of 0083, or the
> first battle of 0083). GW leos, on the other hand, stand like turrets waiting
> to be hit. not a good thing. the precise reason (in my mind) why MS's are
> designed that way is to take advantage of human style mobility and adaptability...

good points.. i think a major differnce in the tactics could be the way
mobiel suits are introduced and successivly designed in the AC
universe.. in UC MS are just the right too for the job after Minovsky
physics makes war an up-close and personal affair again.. in AC Mobile
Suits have alwyas been super weapons.. the Leos and other units at the
time of htier introductoin were simply so powerfull compared to
conventional forces they didnt need fancy moves ot get the job done..
they simply used the elevation and superior arcs of fire and
responsivnes of the MS to blow everything away (can picture pre MS Tanks
and APCs being to Leos what Leos are to Gundams) the 'real' military
dosnt really get a chance ot up-date it's training manuals before the
coup puts OZ/Romefeller in charge.. and since Romefeller is a corporate
conglomerate and not a true militay as such what are they gonna do when
htir weapons are out-matched? develop new tactics? hell-no.. build
bigger and badder weapons (that's how you make the big bucks, selling
new and better hardware) Salesmen: "Leos getting pasted? before you
consult your tactitans let me show you something in a Mobile Doll hmm?"

so where does that leave us? experienced ace pilots who "know better"
(i.e Zechs and Treize) and those rigerously trained in un-conventional
warfare (the G-boys)


Mobile dolls do dodge.. at least the Taurus ones did.

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