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> Are they a blessing or a curse? Advantages:Many mobile suits that
>have'nt been available in the injection format before have made it to
>this line, such as Amuro's Zetaplus and the Gundam Mark-IV. Also, some
>are of better construction and quality than their 1/144 counterparts. The
>GP02 for instance, is much better than the 1/144, and a good buy for
>those who don't have the money or the skill to afford the rather
>expensive Master Grade version. They also are nice and solid, and due to
>their short size are not as fragile as their counterparts. They are
>also very kawaii, if you're into that sort of thing :)
>Disadvantages:Well, if you're not into that sort of thing, and want to
>test yourself on other types of models.... Chris

This line started as re-issues with minor retoolings of old, out-of-print
classic/non-musha SD Gundam kits. They either got bonus weapons (in the
case of the Nu and Sazabi, for example) or were reissued as a variant
(the GM Custom being an extreme case, being a retooled version of the SD Alex
NT-1). The first wave consisted of 19 such kits. The next wave were straight
reissues of the ones from F-90, F91, V, and G Gundam without any bonus parts
or variant retoolings. Then came the new toolings in the following waves
that were all over the map - Gouf Custom, Char's Zugock, Gundam X, Geminass
from G Unit, and the Mk-IV make up the 3rd wave. Wave 4 were the 5 Gundams
from Wing. Wave 5 included the Ez8, Dom, Turn-A, mass produced Zugock, etc.
The GP02 is not really considered an integral part of the SD G Generation
releases as it was bunched with the BB Senshi series and has no serial number
within the SD G Generation series like all the other MG/PG parodies that
include the GP01Fb, Zeta, RX-78-2 PG version, and the GP03D.


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