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actually, Deathscythe's Hyper-jammers don't shiled it form view.. jsut
hide it from sensors i'm assuming in a similar way that modern day
jammers do.. although it may be more subtle thn that.. the
Deathscythe-Hell on the other hand is super-stealth with an active
cloaking system that renders it truely un-seen.. and Duo never defeeated
Trowa and Heero, he beat mobile dolls programed with their combat data..
and as duo says in the fight, ".. but you're still just dolls to me"
while they may have had Heero and trowa's moves they didn't have that
spark of creativity to think "outside the box" when Duo started using
un-conventional tactics and basically fought like a Gundam pilot..
remember.. all the data gathered form Heero and Trowa wa from them
fighting in more conventional engagements agasint conventional
opponents.. not the nasty sorta fighting Deathscythe was made for..


> If any of them could possibly be newtypes, Duo would be. Think about it: He
> defeated both Heero AND Trowa simulations in a simultaneous battle. BTW, do
> the Deathscythe's hyper-jammers cause it to completely disappear from enemy
> view? I can't figure that one out. Seems like it was visible in the
> Heavyarms' right side monitor in the episode they aired this afternoon.
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> >with reguard to newtype.. that's what i ment. Amuro is a newtype and
> >Heero isn't.. why do people who make up these fights keep putting the
> >non-newtypes in MS with Psychommu and psychommu derivative systems?
> >
> Actually, there has been some speculation that Heero IS in fact a Newtype -
> just that nobody in the AC Universe developed a newtype theory, so nobody
> recognises it. The FAQ at shinigami.org compares the "Space Heart" to
> Newtypes, and speculates that Heero and/or Quatre may have it, and in the
> episodes I've just been watching (37-40), a couple of the boys seemed to do
> some Newtype-like sensing.
> (Actually, if Newtypes do in fact exist in AC, IMHO its fair to speculate
> that all five G-boys are Newtypes).
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