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Paul Fields asks,

> Ok questions for all you OYW fans out there,

  That would be me... :-)

> how many
> Mobile Suits fought in the battles of Odessa, and California
> base. What kind of Zakus, Doms, and Goufs did the Zeon
> have, and what kind of forces did the Feds have?

  EB 39 claimed, if memory serves, 1100 Zeon mobile suits at Odessa (and
only about 30 Federation ones). Most of EB 39's mobile suit headcounts are
an order of magnitude too high, and this one's no exception. By my
reckoning, an entire Zeon terrestrial mobile division should have only a
couple of hundred mobile suits; 110 mobile suits would constitute the bulk
of Eurasia's 1st Division. The 30 Federation mobile suits sounds reasonable
to me. Incidentally, 12 RGM-79[G] units in Asia, plus 30 at Odessa, would
equal the 42 pre-production units cited in the Master Grade kit manual (and
earlier MSV books).

  California fell more than a month later. In addition to a handful of GM
Cannons, the Federation could have fielded quite a number of GMs at this
point. Whether they could actually spare more than a couple of dozen depends
on how seriously you take the MG kit's cited production total of 288 GMs. On
the Zeon side, the failed Jaburo attack drastically depleted the base's
forces, costing 40-50 mobile suits. There were probably only a few dozen
left, with tanks and planes making up the bulk of the defending forces.

  Most of the Zeon forces at Odessa would have been Zakus, with some Goufs
mixed in (Ma Kube dispatched several teams of Goufs to attack the White Base
en route). I suppose Goufs could have made up 1/3 to 1/4 of the total. Also
two Doms, the survivors of the Black Trinary - at least in the TV series.

  The California Base, as a major Zeon submarine base, should have a few
amphibious mobile suits kicking around - Gogs, Zugoks, Acguys, plus the
unused models created for the planned Jaburo invasion. Since it's Zeon's
major terrestrial production site, most of the Zakus should have been long
since phased out, replaced with Goufs and Doms. Supposedly the Federation
even captured a bunch of Desert Doms here that were awaiting shipment to
Africa. And, of course, there was Ian Greydon's team of nine Zaku Cannons.

  Both battles, I expect, would have been waged mostly by conventional
forces... especially on the Federation side. Lots of Fly Manta
fighter/bombers, in particular, since these can be used against both planes
and mobile suits (albeit not very successfully).

> According to Blue Destiny, Odessa had more MS troops,
> but the fighting at California Base was more intense.

  There was certainly much more at stake...

> Besides Amuro, and Yu Kajima at Odessa, and Yu's repeat
> appearence at California were there any aces fighting in these
> battles we should be aware of...

  Not really. Ian Greydon and Alfredino Lam were stationed at California as
part of the Zaku Cannon team, and of course Nimbus Schterzen fought Yu
Kajima there...

> I have the 08th MS team book with the map of Kojima base
> in it, are there any similar drawings from preproduction where
> the bases at Odessa, or California were pictured?

  Not really, no - just some long-distance overhead maps of the Odessa

-- Mark

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