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Chris Beilby writes,

> Well, based on service record more than anything else, I'd have to say the
> GM and it's variants. From entering service in 0079, the GM and it's
> variants saw service almost constantly up until UC 123 (The Jegan was still
> in service with the EFSF as late as the Crossbone Vanguard conflict, 30+
> years after entering service.)

  Nah, the Jegan doesn't count as a GM - it's an all-new design. The last
time we see a classic GM variant is in CCA, circa UC 0093, when a pack of GM
IIIs show up in the last battle. That's a 15-year span, which is pretty
good, but eclipsed by the lifespan of the Jegan (UC 0089 -> 0123) and
Heavygun (UC 0109 -> 0153).

  But based on considerations other than lifespan, I might pick the Dom/Rick
Dom. Not only was the original Dom a revolutionary ground combat design, but
it was adapted almost overnight to a cost-effective, powerful space combat
version, whose capabilities were equal to those of the GM the Federation had
spent eight months developing.

  The Rick Dom allowed Zeon to reuse most of the parts & production lines of
the Dom, and evidently it could be produced in huge quantities. It was
probably more cost- and time-effective than the long-awaited Gelgoog...
maybe that's why Granada didn't bother switching over its production lines.

-- Mark

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