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> Well, based on service record more than anything else, I'd have to say the
> GM and it's variants. From entering service in 0079, the GM and it's
> variants saw service almost constantly up until UC 123 (The Jegan was still
> in service with the EFSF as late as the Crossbone Vanguard conflict, 30+
> years after entering service.) For a single class of weapon to have a
> service record of nearly half a century (longer if you also include the GM
> counterparts from the F91 and V-Gundam eras, but I consider these to be
> closer to actual new designs) is almost unheard of. (The only real world
> military equipment that I can think of as having a similar operational
> lifetime are some Soviet tanks, the Jeep, and the B-52 bomber.)

Ahh yes, very true, but I'm hoping to refine it a little bit more. Later
GM's were much more than just variants, since they sported improved power
supplies, better weaponry, and generally increased performance, plus other
jumps in technology. As such, you would distinguish between the original
RGM-79, the GM Command, etc. Later GM's were the descendents of the
current crop of Gundams moreso than simple technological advances.
Easiest example I can think of is that, now correct me if I'm wrong, I
haven't seen MSG, the Zaku II outperformed the first GM. If 0083 is any
indicator, though, the GM Command vastly outclasses a Zaku II, so it's not
fair to lump all GM's together.

What I'm really trying to get a feeling for is which, and specifically,
which model/variant, mass produced mobile suit was the most effective.
Overall effectiveness pretty much restricts us to general/variable
purposes MS's, and not specialized units a la the GM Sniper or Wing's
Cancer and Pisces.

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