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Cookie's Model Review:
Wave - Virtual On: Temjin (2P)

Written by: Andy Lee

    I know, I know... I haven't written one of these things in ages, but it's
practically due to the fact that I layed off of model building due to school.
 And just yesterday I finished this crappy model. Lemme indulge on the
subject. First of all, I noticed that Wave spared no funding on the
instruction manual. It's a measily sheet of recycled paper, with bad
colorization and complex instructions. I highly prefer Bandai's manuals...
    Once I opened up the cheesy box, compliments of the cheesy box art, I
noticed that the spree's are very colorful, and cheap looking. Don't ask
about that one, for some reason I think Wave's plastic is of a higher quality
than Bandai's plastic kits. But because of that high quality, there are lots
of problems. The pieces do not align correctly for a rat's ass. I literally
had to make hundreds of modifications to make the parts fit, let alone stay
together. Either they're misaligned, or the pieces are too loose to snap
together. Cheap bastards. The transparent plastic does nothing. It's of a
different material, similar to plexiglass, and the problem is... is that it
doesn't fit into anything period. Seriously though, you'd stick in the
transparent piece on one side of the shoulder, and then you stick the other
shoulder piece on, and voila... mismatched piece that doesn't even snap.
    The design of the model is terrible. Wave somehow incorporated some lame
method of articulation. Even Bandai's ankle joints move better than most of
Temjin's. Therefore, excellent poses have to suffer. Temjin's gun doesn't
fit on his arm, because Wave was too cool in making his arms bent. Real
smart there guys. This kit doesn't need any painting, but if you want to
fill up those TERRIBLE gaps, and misalignments, painting is a requirement.
Even still, the kit looks ugly. Apparently the Temjin in my manual looked
orangish. So I went out to buy a bottle of Tamiya Flat Orange, but they
didn't have any. Pissed, I went for the glossy instead. Bad move on my
part. They neon orange is fricken gay, and the paint forms a terrible
covering that looks just nasty (keep in mind I don't have an airbrush yet).
I spilled a couple bottles of Flat Yellow paint on accident because of this
Highs: Quality of Plastic... otherwise nothing.
Lows: Everything, even the stickers.
Grade: C-
Final Comment: Piece of crap. This being my first Wave kit gives me bad
impressions. I hope some of the Virtual On: Otorato Tangram kits, and Five
Star Stories kits aren't as bad.

~Andy Lee

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