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Danny Kim wrote:

> 1) End of each 08th Team video, they had a short animation on behind story
> of OYW. One of them was about
> Zeon development of MS. If I'm correct, Federation knew that Zeon's
> were building MS from the beginning.
> What stopped them from building their own? and what was Zeon's cover
> up?

In that very video, it explains that the feds didn't take the Zaku seriously
as a weapon, they thought of it as a toy. It was their own arrogance which was
their downfall.

> 2) Idea of building a MS that's 20 meters tall seems little ridiculous.
> What drove Zeon to develop this huge weapon?

Because Kids in japan like Giant robot toys...duh. ^_^

---Brett "Rocketto Puuunch!!!" Jensen

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