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> 1) End of each 08th Team video, they had a short animation on behind story
> of OYW. One of them was about Zeon development of MS. If I'm correct,
> Federation knew that Zeon's were building MS from the beginning.
> What stopped them from building their own? and what was Zeon's cover up?

The Zeon released videos of all of their early failures and kept all of their
successes a closely held secret. The impression they gave was something like
these compilations you see of all of the early airplane designs that collapsed
under their own weight or flew like bricks. As you note below, the entire
concept seems a bit ridiculous. The Zeon played on that, making their entire MS
development program look like a foolish waste of resources.

(They had the advantage that they didn't have vote appropriations for it.)

> 2) Idea of building a MS that's 20 meters tall seems little ridiculous.
> What drove Zeon to develop this huge weapon?

They needed something as powerful as a ship that could operate in any
environment -- out in open space, inside a space colony, on the surface of the
Moon, on the surface of the Earth and under water. In other words, they needed
a machine that could go anywhere that a human could go. The humanoid shape had
already proven itself adaptable to all of those environments. Why not make a
machine in the shape of a human and adapt it similarly?

Also, the sight of metal giants blasting everything is sight of their
highly-elevated eyes gives them a psychological oomph, like painting shark's
mouths on airplanes or molding cannons in the shapes of dragons.

Alternate explanation: the MS was the brainchild of Kycilia Zabi, who was, like
the rest of her family, with the possible exceptions of Degwin and Garma,
certifiably nucking futz. (^_^)


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