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Here's something that should prove interesting. What mass produced mobile
suit was the most effective in its time? Obviously everything is going
to be relative, since comparing the GM to the GunEZ isn't fair, so this
isn't your typical "which Gundam is strongest" question. I guess we need
to ask which MS did its job the best during the time it was in service.
For example, we can say the Leo is one of the most highly ineffectual MS's
ever concieved, since its tactics seem to involve standing still and
firing until it gets hit by random fire. By AC rules, no number of Leo's
could ever bring down a Gundam.
If we take the Zaku II from MSG, we could say it was quite effective,
against both GM's and given suitable numbers, could take out a Gundam.
Furthermore, we can also talk about the ReGZ, which was technically mass
produced, but I wouldn't consider it to be as effective as others (as
compared to other suits in its time period, remember)

Only other rule I'll impose is that it must have actually gone into
production, cannot be a prototype, and cannot be in the hands of a newtype
... we're talking about your every day joe's MS here.

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