Tue, 18 Jul 2000 15:11:13 EDT

Hmmm, guys that have the power to manipulate enough energy to destroy planets
at a time versus a bunch of cute little animals that can spray out water,
fire, and electric sparks. I wonder....

This is a fanfic idea that's pretty cliche anyway, and a lot of people would
look at you like an idiot for even suggesting such a battle. The bottom line
is, Dragon Ball Z would win, but since the two shows are so different a
comparison is unfair. How about Pokemon and Digimon if you really like to do
these sort of "what if" anime crossover battles. Now, Zeta Gundam vs Wing...I
hope I never see that one (I'd feel so sorry for the poor Wing!)

"If it don't bleed, it ain't lunch."

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