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Dafydd writes,

> And they're back, this time as pros working on actual Gundam shows and
> merchandise. GUNDAM has now been made official and UNT SPACY has been added
> to the mix on the MG and PG models,

  Although, since Sunrise officially named it the Earth Federation Space
Force, the model guys have had to retcon UNT SPACY into some weird
special-projects agency. Which doesn't quite explain why it's stamped onto
everything from service pistols to underwear in 0080 and 0083. ;-)

> and, as they even got one into Turn A Gundam:
> Flexible Ladder Actuator Technology (FLAT).

  SUMO is an acronym too, according to the kit manual. Too bad they never
did kits of the Wad, Gozzo, et al, or they'd probably have stupid acronyms
as well...

> (Does anyone know what a DHGCP [Turn A], HPHGCP [Sumo], MY [Kapool] or VG
> [FLAT] type power generator or an ECO [FLAT], FE [Turn A] or MFE Gundium FGI
> composite [Sumo] type armor is?)

  The Flat's "MY" engine must be for "Minovsky" (or "Minovsky-Ionesco"?). No
idea what the other stuff might stand for, though.

-- Mark

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