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> I was just thinking the other day, you've got the Superior Gundam, and the
> Extraordinarily Superior Gundam. The first name I can swallow, but the
> second seems a bit ... off the wall. Then I thought about its
> abbreviation, Ex-S, if you say it out, it sounds like exx-ess, or excess,
> as in excessively powerful. Which it is. Anyone know if this was their
> intent with the name? Or is this blatantly obvious and I should be beaten
> around with a trout for missing it previously? ;p

Before we begin weilding the Lesser Trout of Discipline, it should be noted that
Gundam Sentinel was the creation of fanboys who were enamored of technical
nomenclature but deficient in English language skills. These are the same guys
that gave us the Variable Mobile Suit and Wave Rider System (VMSAWRS), the
General Utility Non-Discontinuity Augmented Maneuvering (GUNDAM) system, the
Mobile Space Utility Intruments, Tactical (SUIT) and two other unweildy acronyms
whose full out parsing I forget: ALICE and ARMOUR. Oh, and somewhere in there
we also get the Gundam Transformer/Flight & Operations Unifications Reactors
(GT/FOUR) and the Robotic Environment Operating-System Nucleus (REON).

"Extraordinarily Superior" they said and Extraordinarilu Superior they meant.

The only thing XS-ive was the tendency toward making everything an acronym.

And they're back, this time as pros working on actual Gundam shows and
merchandise. GUNDAM has now been made official and UNT SPACY has been added to
the mix on the MG and PG models, and, as they even got one into Turn A Gundam:
Flexible Ladder Actuator Technology (FLAT).

(Does anyone know what a DHGCP [Turn A], HPHGCP [Sumo], MY [Kapool] or VG [FLAT]
type power generator or an ECO [FLAT], FE [Turn A] or MFE Gundium FGI composite
[Sumo] type armor is?)


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