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Neil wonders, and Dafydd replies,

>> Hmm, I wonder if this is the erstwhile 'Green Base' seen next to the
>> White Base at dock at Jaburo during the series.
> It's as good an explanation as any, ne?

  Hm. I'd initially despaired of explaining the infamous "Green Base," since
the "revised Pegasus" discussed in the MSV-era books has since been
retconned as the 0080 version. But you're right, this might be one of the
first trio - slightly modified, but not enough to be considered a new model.

Dafydd notes,

> What he's saying is that the two books disagree as to the lineup, with MS Wars
> citing the fourth and fifth ships as Thoroughbred and Troy Horse and MSV
> citing them as Troy Horse and Gray Phantom.

  That's basically correct, but the attribution's the other way 'round - MS
WARS cites them as the Troy Horse and Gray Phantom. At any rate, since the
Gray Phantom has appeared in the animation and the Thoroughbred hasn't, the
latest version should be considered the correct one.

  Another theory to account for the conflict: The Thoroughbred's name was
actually changed to the Troy Horse, but earlier historians thought they were
different ships and thus overlooked the existence of the Gray Phantom, the
real fifth ship. :-)

Neil asks,

>> Que? I've never heard of a Pegasus II.

  The Sentinel writers considered the Ahgama to be the unofficial Pegasus
III, but of course that was before the creation of the Albion et al. ;-)

Dafydd adds,

> And, since I preserved the text but not the headers, I may also have
> attributed this incorrectly. It may have come from Sunwook Kim, not
> Mark Simmons.

  I think it was me replying to (and quoting) Sunwook, actually. Musta lost
the quote marks at some point...

-- Mark

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