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> > 3. White Base Jr. : It was developed very slowly and so the 1YW ended
> > during its crush test. No combat data available.
> >
> > SCV-71 White Base Jr. Constructed in the fifth dock of Jaburo's A
> > block. After the war, it was renamed White Base II (as in "White Base the
> > Second") since it had most of the same crew.
> Hmm, I wonder if this is the erstwhile 'Green Base' seen next to the
> White Base at
> dock at Jaburo during the series.

It's as good an explanation as any, ne?

> > 4. Troy Horse : It is the original name for the Gray Phantom appeared in
> > the 0080, but this book consider this ship as some other independent
> > vessel rather than the name for the GP in the draft sketches. No combat
> > data available.
> >
> > The MSV book states that the second trio of Pegasus-class carriers were
> > of a slightly modified type, as does MS WARS. The fourth in the series,
> > according to the MSV book, was the SCVA-72 Thoroughbred.
> >
> > 5. Gray Phantom : The 0080's Pegasus class marvel. The mothership of the
> > MS team named Scarlet Force. Served in the 1YW, as you know.
> >
> > The MSV book identifies the fifth ship as the SCVA-73 Troy Horse, and
> > states that the Troy Horse and Thoroughbred were used as transport ships
> > in Operation Star One but there is no record of them actually entering
> > battle. MS WARS claims that only the Gray Phantom was actually deployed.
> Okay, I'm confused. Does MSV provide the theory that the Troy Horse was
renamed the
> Gray Phantom? It's worth noting that the Scarlet Team MS carry the letters TH.
> ship having been renamed prior to commissioning would be my best reasoning,
> that or the Scarlet Team was transferred from the Troy Horse to the Gray

What he's saying is that the two books disagree as to the lineup, with MS Wars
citing the fourth and fifth ships as Thoroughbred and Troy Horse and MSV citing
them as Troy Horse and Gray Phantom. He's also noting that the ship we know as
Gray Phantom in Gundam 0080 was originally supposed to be Troy Horse. The name
change may have come late in the production, which would explain Scarlet Team's
TH markings -- at the time they were drawn up, they were from Troy Horse, not
Gray Phantom, and the markings weren't changed when the name was changed.

> > Which is canon? or, which can be more canonical at least? What do you
> > think about it? And, where could the damned "Pegasus II" be, anyway? The
> > references I gathered didn't have any accounts on that matter!
> Que? I've never heard of a Pegasus II.

My bad. The discussion started with a question about the Pegasus III, whose
existence implies a Pegasus II, which (if I recall correctly) was also cited by
Tomino in the novels.

Here are the opening paragraphs of the original post, which I omitted from my

"According to the Q&A pages of the Model Graphix's Gundam Sentinel mook,
the Pegasus III doesn't belong to the Pegasus class, but belongs to the
Ahgama class [it is confirmed by the Sentinel novel itself], and it is
just the 'third ship that bears the name Pegasus', and nothing more.

Right. Elsewhere in that book, it's noted that they called it 'Pegasus'
because it has radar panels on either side of the bridge like the
original, rather than the Agama's antennae. That ship's bridge module
really resembles Pegasus Class, while its body looks like that of Ahgama."

And, since I preserved the text but not the headers, I may also have attributed
this incorrectly. It may have come from Sunwook Kim, not Mark Simmons.


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