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> I've got a bit of a problem with your concept of "prototype in the
> Japanese sense of the word." It seems to me that in real life
> Japanese technology proceeds in an evolutionary manner, with each
> model a minor improvement on what has gone before, rather than the
> stuff everyting we can possibly fit in and make a great
> technological leap forward strategy of the Gundam.

I was not the one who made the original comment, but I think what you
are talking about is the progression of consumer products (Japanese
or not), as opposed to military products (it is a bit hard to tell
how Japan develops modern military hardware, due to the rather
limited scope of the Japanese military). It has been proven time and
time again, that consumers are very reticent to buy a product based
on revolutionary technology, as opposed to an improvement over
existing technology. When the general public is involved, they do not
want to be sold a product they can't relate to, so products need to
be developed in an evolutionary manner, so as not to jump too far
ahead of the existing customer base. Military technology is quite
different, in that optimal performance is far more important than
method used to achieve the performance, and price is often a minor
factor if performance improvements are substantial enough.

I have no idea what the "in the Japanese sense of the word" comment
means, but I am fairly sure that if it were not for the restrictions
placed on the Japanese military, it would develop weapons in much the
same leapfrog revolutionary progression that any other first world
military uses.

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