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Ok questions for all you OYW fans out there, how many
Mobile Suits fought in the battles of Odessa, and California
base. What kind of Zakus, Doms, and Goufs did the Zeon
have, and what kind of forces did the Feds have?

According to Blue Destiny, Odessa had more MS troops,
but the fighting at California Base was more intense. One of
the things I noticed about California Base in the comic was
it had Mobile Suit sized tombstones all over that gave cover
to the Doms, and allowed them to use their Bazookas better
from behind cover. In Kondo's crossover notebooks, Guntanks,
and Zakutanks are always firing from entrenched positions,
were there any other setups like this in the original series I
should look for?

Besides Amuro, and Yu Kajima at Odessa, and Yu's repeat
appearence at California were there any aces fighting in these
battles we should be aware of...

Were there any special models, or weapons used in any of
these battles of note, like Dom Troopens, Zaku FZs, Cannon
types, Sturm Fausts, Xammels, or whatever?

I have the 08th MS team book with the map of Kojima base
in it, are there any similar drawings from preproduction where
the bases at Odessa, or California were pictured?

That's it...


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