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> << Hehehe, I was gonna mention that, but we sure
> don't want to add fuel to the
> Hieero Yuiy debate do we? >>
> Remeber, I AM that lunatic. I managed to get the
> OFFICIAL name right.
> <<Hieero Yuiy >>
> You did that on purpose, didn't you.

Not that i want this thread going on any further. But
i once saw something like "Hero Yuwi"... For crying
out loud, that's not even the poor kid's real name.

how come no one mentions about Ririna? :p


I just checked with Episode Zero... Nanashi/no-name
(Trowa Barton) is Triton Bloom.... HA! Bet you guys
didn't expect that... but just because they are
siblings doesn't mean that those (damn) yaoi writers
are right!

As for Trieze's choice of weapons for the Epyon....
(that Springer Show got me thinking...)

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