J Hsu (jakusu@hotmail.com)
Tue, 18 Jul 2000 09:19:08 GMT

> ><< scratch the sword, sorry, LOL! >>
> > Actually its a swordaxe :) According to the pictures at Gundam
> >Web, it can be used as a sword or an axe.
> >Aaron
>That actually sounds like a precursor to weapons like what the Geara Doga
>or the Sazabi. very cool. what other weapons does it come with? does it
>the Black trinary complement, or the standard zaku I?

The Ranba Ral Zaku I does NOT come with a sword, just the custom axe. It
also comes with the standard bazooka and machine gun. The Sazabi DOES come
with the beam tomahawk that can be made into either the axe or the sword
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