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At 14:44 07/17/2000 GMT, M. R. Hannibal wrote:
>Good morning, old chaps! After spending the weekend re-watching a few
>things, a few questions sprand to my mind . they are:

        Will answer the 0080 questions mainly, since I'm most familiar with it.

> 0080
> 1) How many Kampfers were made? Were there any present at Solomon and A
>Bao A Qu?

        Kampfers appears to be built only on Granada. We see one, possibily
two Kampfers in the show -- the one Misha used, and the one being
constructed when Bernie walked past in near the start *could* be a second
Kampfer, but no evidence to it.

        As Kampfers were still experimental in Decemeber 0080, it is
possible there are a few other experimental Kampfers lying around, but
information is very sketchy on this MS.

> 2) Is it possible that Anaheim or the Titans salvaged the Alex?

        Titans did not exist at the time, so that answers your question.
Very unlikely that AE did salvage the Alex, as they were not a major part of
the MS development until about 0082 with their GP series Gundams.

        Since in 0083 the GM Cannon II that Keith pilots is a direct
decendent of the Alex, it is very likely that the Federation salvaged bits
and pieces of it -- after all, it wasn't that badly damaged -- and used the
data of Alex to create the GM Cannon II.

> 3) What would have happened if Zeon had just said "Fuck it" and invaded
>Side 6 in force at the beginning of the war?

        Then we won't have 0080, and the White Base won't have been able to
stop over at Side 6 in the original series. =)

> 0083
> 3) Did anyone from the Axis Advance Fleet really want to go help Delaz
>kick Fed ass? What prevented them from doing so?

        I'm sure there are; but Axis' involvement in Operation Stardust was
more of a political nature than of a military nature. In 0083, I think the
Axis fleet simply didn't have the strength to tangle with a strong
Federation fleet in the Earth sphere.

> 4) This was asked before, but I still think about it: Would Kou have
>really tried to join the AEUG, or would he have gone Titan? Why or why not
>would either have accepted him?

        I'm pretty much of the opinion that he would retire and maybe work
in AE as a test pilot. He isn't rabid enough to be a Titan; if he has gone
AEUG, his abilities would have been mentioned in some text. The fact that Z
was done before 0083 meant Kou's fate (along with almost everyone else from
0083) was literally unknown in Z.

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