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>Actually, there has been some speculation that Heero IS in fact a Newtype -
just that nobody in the AC Universe developed a newtype theory, so nobody recognises
it. The FAQ at compares the "Space Heart" to Newtypes, and speculates
that Heero and/or Quatre may have it, and in the episodes I've just been watching
(37-40), a couple of the boys seemed to do some Newtype-like sensing. (Actually,
if Newtypes do in fact exist in AC, IMHO its fair to speculate that all five
G-boys are Newtypes).

That would be believable. it's possible that all of them had newtype abilities
one kind or another...though heero is simply...superhuman when it comes to physical
abilities. I would believe more that Duo or Trowa or Quattre have it, but wufei
and Heero...probably the weakest...

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