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> Are they ever? Christ these people totally run around like chickens
>with their heads off cut off every time some wannabe nazi
>uebermenshcen types
>start tossing rocks an nukes. Whatever happened to response in force.

Uhm, ever heard of Vietnam? the problem here is sociopolitics. Specially since
there are some problems like how easy it is to gas a colony. you see, resource
wise, earth is dealing from a position of strength. and that is a technical
no-no for politics if you whack the other guy. bad for votes...and we all know
how byzantine the politics of gundam is.

>happened to shooting enemy commerce/merchant shipping and terminating
>individuals of Sides who like the Zavi family too much? This is war
>and in war
>you better learn to play for keeps so be definiton the kid gloves come

Uh, huh. Take it from us guys in the third world, that sort of thinking creates
martyrs and zealots. and that can be very dangerous ideologically speaking.
 one's civilian support base may get eroded, as well as strengthening the enemies
tendencies to go into all-out war. Let's say you gas a colony; the reprisal
will be to drop an asteroid or something like that. how many rocks before earth's
environment is affected, as opposed to how many colonies there are? what if
they start a multiple rock drop? there is only one amuro, one londo bell force.
 Too dangerous to go the way of the iron fist, if it will lead to escalation
of forces in that direction.

>God Jaburo and the slimey Fed civilian bureaucrats could have used
>from Machiavelli, the Dulles brothers and all the guys in Langley in

yes well, I have lived under a president who used some of machiavelli's principles.
 right now he's dipped in wax and being showcased like lenin. and my country
is still about tens of billions of dollars in debt. not to mention the fact
that one of our presidents was probably killed in a CIA-crafted accidental plane
crash...which would later lead to anti-american sentiments and the removal of
the US bases from our country.

use of such tactics are essentially self-defeating, once you reach a certain
threshoold within the minds of the masses. then you go down horribly, like
Stalin did, or hitler, or my country's ex-president.

> At least the Titans had the resolve. Yes the released (presumably)
>cannisters of nerve type agents (actually that in itself wouldn't do
>until there's a method of dispersal) to lay the smackdown on same vac
>who decided to give the Fed government the one fignered salute. Little
>overkill but after the events of the One year War a healthy degree of
>paranoia keeps all teh grunts from going the fat, dumb and full of

a little overkill in this case means gassing CIVILIANS.

>> Couldn't say. The one we see in 0080 is the only one _known_ to exist.

> Fed technical intel types must have really scratched their heads
>on what made the Jions crank out a mech that had a pump action shotgun
>a main armament?
> Then again Gundam exists in its own Universe so go figure :D. IOW
>the Space Nazis have no idea on the concept of logistics- which on a
>operational, if not strategic level is one of the few tangible factors
>will guarantee success.

That I will agree on. a better management of resources and well-timed negotiations
and "peace talks", coupled with armament build-ups and training for the pilots
are essentially the best way to win a war. once you have all that in place,
then you get really nasty...

>> The fact that then they _all_ would have died, including the Delaz Fleet

>> soldiers they were supposed to rescue. It was generous - and arguably
>> foolhardy - for the Federation to provide an escape route for Delaz's
>> soldiers, so that they could live to fight again another day.
> To crush your enemies and see them driven before and hear the
>lamentation of their women :P.
> The Feds need to comprehend total war because it's not that
>hard. KILL KILL KILL may be overly simplistic but pounding the
>opposition until their bones become flour for which you can bake bread
>for your children never goes wrong. :)

yes, but then, one will risk creating sympathetic movements within one's own
nation, like what happened with Vietnam. Total war simply isn't possible anymore,
since you can only institute that in a dictatorial society...and even then,
you will fall prey to the inherent internal problems...

and you can only kill so much of your own people before you go down in flames.
 the problem of the desaparecidos in South America was the flashpoint for secondary
revolutions there.

anyway, it's your opinion, just pointing out some counter-arguments...

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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