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>> > >5. A Mobile Doll Virgo 3 vs. a Dom.
>> > Dom. No doubt. Much more maneuverable on the ground... slip right in

>> > SLICE!!! goes the heat saber.
>> beam cannons and planet defensers plus the superior reaction time of an

>>AI? come on
>Absolutely. Just how effective did those Virgos seem when they were
>fighting on the ground? For the most part, they just all marched ahead in
>line, picking off targets that - for the most part - were just standing
>still. It's one annoying thing about the ground combat scenes in Gundam
>Wing... all those Leos and Tragos' and so on just STAND there! They think

>that if they shower a target with enough bullets that it may (one year in

>some distant millenium) go down, but do you ever actually see anyone trying

>to EVADE when the Gundams shoot back? No, they just keep standing there
>firing until they die a really STUPID death. Aside from their planet
>defensers, I wasn't all that impressed with the Virgos myself. Give me a

>squad of good, high-speed Doms zipping around under cover, sneak up on'em

>and slice'em open like the tin cans they TRULY are!

I have to agree on this. the Dom is basically a design for people who know
how to use speed and power at the same time. The Virgos, no matter how coordinated,
will be no match for a comparable force of Doms, IF the Dom pilots are already
familiar with how to use the Dom. The bazookas will not be the killers here,
but the heat blades. add to that the flare-type system which scrambles electronics,
and the use of unorthodox tactics which is common among experienced pilots,
and I would say that the Virgos would not stand a chance. BUT, the Doms would
get heavy casualties.

>This is also why I think that, even WITHOUT the Newtype factor, a war
>between the UC and AC universes would still result in the UC forces winning.

> Only in UC Gundam do we actually see somewhat-realistic combat tactics
>being employed... simple stuff like EVADING. Take all those OZ and Alliance

>pilots in their Leos and send'em up against Zeon and Fed pilots in Zakus and

>GMs, and watch the Leos get hosed big-time. ^_^

Yeah, I noticed this too. Zakus and doms and gelgoogs love to evade and do
aerobatics in space that are simply wild, while on the ground, they love to
just skim along or go guerrilla (see the afrika corps episode of 0083, or the
first battle of 0083). GW leos, on the other hand, stand like turrets waiting
to be hit. not a good thing. the precise reason (in my mind) why MS's are
designed that way is to take advantage of human style mobility and adaptability...

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