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>Well, there's no way in hell he'd ever have any interest in joining the Titans,
nor would they ever have him. I think the AEUG is really only for "cool" pilots,
and Kou most definitely is not "cool" so he need not apply. Besides, he'd really
whine since he didnt have a Gundam to, I mean fly.

Another think about is the military grapevine. Kou would most certainly be
blackballed from any further advancements or chances to get near cool stuff.
 This also applies to clandestine elite organizations.

>I like to think that he is just a lowly Federation "target" pilot (target,
not test pilot). I love to imagine that he is one of the lowly GM II pilots
that get wasted by Quattro, Apori and Roberto at Green Noah, or that he is one
of those poor bastards who doesn't make it onto that last Fed transport out
of Jaburo.

I would think that Kou was punished in a particular way....because of the "secret"
records that surround him, someone would make sure that he stays out of the
war, cooling his heels in some garrison somewhere on earth, far away from all
the action. on the other hand, they might give him a GM and then just launch
him into the thickest, hairiest space battle they can shove him into...a battle
loaded with aces of Gato level or better...

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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