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> "The 0083 reference named MS WARS (published by Kodansha) suggested a very
> interesting explanation of the Pegasus class lineage. According to the
> said book, the Pegasus class was evolved as follows:
> Kodansha's third MSV Technical & History book has a lengthy discussion
> of White Base and its brethren, which somewhat parallels the MS WARS
> version published a decade later; in fact, they cite the same codename
> SCV-27) for the project which created them. I'll follow up each ship
> with the MSV book explanation.
> 1. Pegasus : The prototype, that is, the original ship which its class name
> came from. Its development process began just before the White Base, but
> finished after the WB for some unknown reason. Served in the 1YW.
> SCV-69 Pegasus. Constructed in the fourth dock of Jaburo's A block.
> Construction of the Pegasus, White Base and White Base Jr. began at the
> same time, and WB was the first one finished.
> 2. White Base : It is actually the 2nd ship of the class, but completed
> before the 1st ship and known as the real 1st creation of the project.
> SCV-70 White Base. Constructed in the first dock of Jaburo's A block.
> Since it was the first one completed, the class is sometimes identified
> as White Base class - that's how this MSV book identifies it.
> 3. White Base Jr. : It was developed very slowly and so the 1YW ended
> during its crush test. No combat data available.
> SCV-71 White Base Jr. Constructed in the fifth dock of Jaburo's A
> block. After the war, it was renamed White Base II (as in "White Base the
> Second") since it had most of the same crew.

Hmm, I wonder if this is the erstwhile 'Green Base' seen next to the White Base at
dock at Jaburo during the series.

> 4. Troy Horse : It is the original name for the Gray Phantom appeared in
> the 0080, but this book consider this ship as some other independent
> vessel rather than the name for the GP in the draft sketches. No combat
> data available.
> The MSV book states that the second trio of Pegasus-class carriers were
> of a slightly modified type, as does MS WARS. The fourth in the series,
> according to the MSV book, was the SCVA-72 Thoroughbred.
> 5. Gray Phantom : The 0080's Pegasus class marvel. The mothership of the
> MS team named Scarlet Force. Served in the 1YW, as you know.
> The MSV book identifies the fifth ship as the SCVA-73 Troy Horse, and
> states that the Troy Horse and Thoroughbred were used as transport ships
> in Operation Star One but there is no record of them actually entering
> battle. MS WARS claims that only the Gray Phantom was actually deployed.

Okay, I'm confused. Does MSV provide the theory that the Troy Horse was renamed the
Gray Phantom? It's worth noting that the Scarlet Team MS carry the letters TH. The
ship having been renamed prior to commissioning would be my best reasoning, either
that or the Scarlet Team was transferred from the Troy Horse to the Gray Phantom.

> 6. Stallion : It's the sister ship of Albion and built after the 1YW in
> Jaburo dock, because of the reinforcement project for the Feds. No combat
> data available.
> The MSV book states that the nameless SCVA-74 was 40% completed at the
> end of the war, when its construction was halted. MS WARS says that its
> construction was resumed in October 0081 when the Federal Forces
> Reconstruction Plan was launched, and at this point it was given the name
> "Stallion". MS WARS also says that construction of a seventh incomplete
> ship, soon given the name "Albion", resumed as well - but only the Albion
> received the extensive modifications, the Stallion being completed
> according to the original design.
> Incidentally, you'll note that two ships of the same type as 0080's
> Gray Phantom can be seen at the naval review in 0083. The second of
> Keibunsha's 0083 books identifies these as the fifth and sixth
> Pegasus-class ships - the former being the Gray Phantom, and the latter's
> name is unknown. Based on MS WARS, it would be the Stallion.

I also take it that one of them identifies the Gray Phantom as being destroyed at
the naval review (the other one presumably surviving)?

> Which is canon? or, which can be more canonical at least? What do you
> think about it? And, where could the damned "Pegasus II" be, anyway? The
> references I gathered didn't have any accounts on that matter!

Que? I've never heard of a Pegasus II.

    Neil Baumgardner

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