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> F91
> 1) The Fed forces fight like untrained amatuers. Where the bloody hell
> are all of the veterans of Char's Counterattack (and for that matter...AEUG
> and Titans)? Surely SOME of them must have become Fed admirals and generals,
> and passed on training standards. In 30 years, the Feds became THIS sloppy?

Yep. But they were already pretty inept in UC 0093 or Lhasa wouldn't have
become a smoking hole in the ground, nor Axis a threat to all life on Earth.
Believe it or not, we see the Federation at their peak in UC 0079 and it's all
downhill from there.

> 2) How long did "Cosmo Babylonia" last, and how did it fall?

Cosmo Babylonia was officially declared on 26 March 0123 and collapsed due to
civil war in UC 0128. Vera Ronah (Cecily Fairchild) took the throne in UC 0125
and renounced her grandfather's Nobility Principle, sparking a civil war between
her democratic faction and the Aristocrats who refused to relinquish their

> 3) Could the Crossbone Vanguard really have invaded Earth...and won?

Invaded, probably not. Driven them out of space and embargoed them into
submission, perhaps.

> 0080
> 1) How many Kampfers were made? Were there any present at Solomon and A
> Bao A Qu?

No more than three, I think, not counting the apochryphal Prototype. It was a
blitzkreig ground assault MS for close quarters combat, so it wouldn't have
fared well in an open space battle.

> 2) Is it possible that Anaheim or the Titans salvaged the Alex?

Anaheim Electronics had nothing to do with the development of the G-4, which
came from the same Terrestrial foundry that produced the G-1, G-2 and G-3, and
was based in Von Braun City on the Moon, as far from Side 6 (L4) as is the
Earth. (Earth, Moon, and L4 form an equilateral triangle about 400,000 km on a

The Titans didn't come to power for another three to four years, by which time
the G-4 probably got recycled into commemorative Lunar titanium flatware. (^_^)

Seriously, the only ones who could've salvaged the G-4 were the Feds and they
had no reason to do so.

> 3) What would have happened if Zeon had just said "Fuck it" and invaded
> Side 6 in force at the beginning of the war?

The same thing that would've happened if Nazi Germany had invaded Switzerland or
Argentina -- they'd have lost one of their few "neutral" territories, the only
places from which they could make deals and establish refuge. It would be like
shooting yourself in the foot.

> 0083
> 1) How many Pegasus class vessels were in the Fed fleet at the end of
> the OYW? And in 0083?

"The 0083 reference named MS WARS (published by Kodansha) suggested a very
interesting explanation of the Pegasus class lineage. According to the
said book, the Pegasus class was evolved as follows:

Kodansha's third MSV Technical & History book has a lengthy discussion
of White Base and its brethren, which somewhat parallels the MS WARS
version published a decade later; in fact, they cite the same codename
SCV-27) for the project which created them. I'll follow up each ship
with the MSV book explanation.

1. Pegasus : The prototype, that is, the original ship which its class name
came from. Its development process began just before the White Base, but
finished after the WB for some unknown reason. Served in the 1YW.

SCV-69 Pegasus. Constructed in the fourth dock of Jaburo's A block.
Construction of the Pegasus, White Base and White Base Jr. began at the
same time, and WB was the first one finished.

2. White Base : It is actually the 2nd ship of the class, but completed
before the 1st ship and known as the real 1st creation of the project.

SCV-70 White Base. Constructed in the first dock of Jaburo's A block.
Since it was the first one completed, the class is sometimes identified
as White Base class - that's how this MSV book identifies it.

3. White Base Jr. : It was developed very slowly and so the 1YW ended
during its crush test. No combat data available.

SCV-71 White Base Jr. Constructed in the fifth dock of Jaburo's A
block. After the war, it was renamed White Base II (as in "White Base the
Second") since it had most of the same crew.

4. Troy Horse : It is the original name for the Gray Phantom appeared in
the 0080, but this book consider this ship as some other independent
vessel rather than the name for the GP in the draft sketches. No combat
data available.

The MSV book states that the second trio of Pegasus-class carriers were
of a slightly modified type, as does MS WARS. The fourth in the series,
according to the MSV book, was the SCVA-72 Thoroughbred.

5. Gray Phantom : The 0080's Pegasus class marvel. The mothership of the
MS team named Scarlet Force. Served in the 1YW, as you know.

The MSV book identifies the fifth ship as the SCVA-73 Troy Horse, and
states that the Troy Horse and Thoroughbred were used as transport ships
in Operation Star One but there is no record of them actually entering
battle. MS WARS claims that only the Gray Phantom was actually deployed.

6. Stallion : It's the sister ship of Albion and built after the 1YW in
Jaburo dock, because of the reinforcement project for the Feds. No combat
data available.

The MSV book states that the nameless SCVA-74 was 40% completed at the
end of the war, when its construction was halted. MS WARS says that its
construction was resumed in October 0081 when the Federal Forces
Reconstruction Plan was launched, and at this point it was given the name
"Stallion". MS WARS also says that construction of a seventh incomplete
ship, soon given the name "Albion", resumed as well - but only the Albion
received the extensive modifications, the Stallion being completed
according to the original design.

Incidentally, you'll note that two ships of the same type as 0080's
Gray Phantom can be seen at the naval review in 0083. The second of
Keibunsha's 0083 books identifies these as the fifth and sixth
Pegaus-class ships - the former being the Gray Phantom, and the latter's
name is unknown. Based on MS WARS, it would be the Stallion.

Which is canon? or, which can be more canonical at least? What do you
think about it? And, where could the damned "Pegasus II" be, anyway? The
references I gathered didn't have any accounts on that matter!

Apart from the confusion about the sequential number of the Troy Horse
and whether its sibling is named Thoroughbred or Gray Phantom, the old
and new accounts seem to match quite well. Since the MSV book and MS WARS
are from the same publisher, I suppose the newer book would take
precedence. This still leaves the mystery of the Pegasus II."

> 2) How many divisions of the Zeon army were left in Africa at the end
> of the OYW?

I'll have to leave this one for Mark himself.

> 3) Did anyone from the Axis Advance Fleet really want to go help Delaz
> kick Fed ass? What prevented them from doing so?

The Axis Advance Fleet was there because Hamaan Khan had pledged her support to
the Delaz Fleet, but it was only there to provide support, not to engage in
battle and tip Hamaan's hand. Axis wasn't prepared to go to war yet. They
delivered the Neue Zeil and took on Delaz refugees, but otherwise stayed out of
sight and out of the way.

> 4) This was asked before, but I still think about it: Would Kou have
> really tried to join the AEUG, or would he have gone Titan? Why or why not
> would either have accepted him?

Kou might've joined AUEG or, at least, their Federation military veteran
collaborators, the Kalaba. If so, he didn't do anything noteworthy enough to
bring him to anyone's attention in Z Gundam. (^_^) Whatever else he may have
done, he never piloted a Gundam again.

Kou wouldn't have joined the Titans, which were a bunch of wild-eyed Yahoos like
Nakato, and the Titans would never have accepted him because he was "politically
unsound" and had already screwed up their carefully laid plans.

> 1) When was Londo Bell formed, and were they mostly AEUG vets..or
> Titans? And did any of the New Decides gang join them?

March 0090, and none of the above. It was simply an auxiliary Federation
military force whose mission was to put down anti-Federation terrorists
operating in space, such as the New Summer Project (NSP) and the EGM. NSP
raised hell at both Side 1 (L5) and Side 2 (L4) without much opposition from
London Bell, dissolving itself on 6 February 0091 when it was revealed that its
radical faction was actually a front for Neo Zeon. London Bell didn't get much
Federation support until 25 December 0092, three days after Char Aznable's Neo
Zeon fleet took over the Sweetwater colony in Side 3 (L2).

> 2) When Char exited the door, and all of those old Zeons saluted him,
> were those men old Zeon generals...or just men Char picked as lackeys? What
> happened to them?

They probably all got drunk and went home to their families in shame.

> 3) What happened to the remainder of Char's forces at the end of the
> insurrection? And could any of them have later helped in the rise of the
> Ronah family in 30 years? And was Karozo Ronah old enough to fight with
> Char's forces during Char's Insurrection?

Neo Zeon pretty much went bust after the destruction of Axis. Seven years
later, the Zeon Republic gave up its autonomy and was reintegrated into the
Federation, whereupon the Federation declared an end to hostilities and began
the Year 100 Colony Replacement Plan, which would result in the Frontier sides.

Koroso Viggenson was born circa UC 0078, so he would've been 15 in UC 0093.
That's old enough to pilot a Gundam, but not a Zaku or Geara Doga. Of course,
he could've lied about his age the way Char did when he became Char. But
Viggenson was a scientist, not a soldier, and he lived to marry Nadia Ronah 12
years laster on, so he seems to have avoided serving under Char. (^_^)


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