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Mark Simmons wrote:
> Yeah, the Federation isn't exactly in top form at this point. Ironically,
> Zabine Chareaux is - as per the F91 novels - a graduate of the Federation
> military academy, who passed his knowledge on to the CV's other (highly
> trained) pilots. Maybe he just paid a lot more attention than his
> classmates...

        Are they ever? Christ these people totally run around like chickens
with their heads off cut off every time some wannabe nazi
uebermenshcen types
start tossing rocks an nukes. Whatever happened to response in force.
happened to shooting enemy commerce/merchant shipping and terminating
individuals of Sides who like the Zavi family too much? This is war
and in war
you better learn to play for keeps so be definiton the kid gloves come
God Jaburo and the slimey Fed civilian bureaucrats could have used
from Machiavelli, the Dulles brothers and all the guys in Langley in
        At least the Titans had the resolve. Yes the released (presumably)
cannisters of nerve type agents (actually that in itself wouldn't do
until there's a method of dispersal) to lay the smackdown on same vac
who decided to give the Fed government the one fignered salute. Little
overkill but after the events of the One year War a healthy degree of
paranoia keeps all teh grunts from going the fat, dumb and full of

> Five years, as I recall, under the leadership of Berah Ronah. She
> renounced her father's "nobility doctrine", but her egalitarian government
> collapsed in civil war a few years later.

        It seems the Japanese creators were really big on Euro type
nobility- whther it be feudalism of the traditional sense or the more
absolute kings... They went gaga for the Napoleonic look. At least
08th MS
Team the folks tried to kick back in cammie type uniforms although
roller buckle belts worn over a four pocket shirt/blouse is a uniform
no no IMNSHO.

> Couldn't say. The one we see in 0080 is the only one _known_ to exist.

        Fed technical intel types must have really scratched their heads
on what made the Jions crank out a mech that had a pump action shotgun
a main armament?
        Then again Gundam exists in its own Universe so go figure :D. IOW
the Space Nazis have no idea on the concept of logistics- which on a
operational, if not strategic level is one of the few tangible factors
will guarantee success.

> The Titans didn't exist for another four years. But it's possible that
> Anaheim was involved in its creation - the old HG kit manuals claimed that
> Anaheim developed the linear seat & panoramic display, and the GP03's
> cockpit design is indentical to that of the Alex. In other words, Anaheim
> may not have _needed_ to salvage the Alex. ;-)

        So what explains the creation of those Godzilla like newtype
        Guess it wasn't eough it dress in snaay new duds... The Titans
would have been better served if they weren't political and just
as a "dirty tricks" department of any presidential reelection campaign
or the Bulgarian "wet work" subdirectorate of the KGB :P.

> Already discussed this one. There was one African division, the 5th Mobile
> Terrestrial Division. Given Neuen Bitter's rank, I wouldn't be surprised if
> he were actually its commander during the war.

        Mechaarmee Afrika. Deutschland Duetschalnd ueber alles, ueber alles
in der Welt.... :P.
        So how many troops total is a Jion division? Infantry in nature
(as most in nature), armor/heavy (necesary if you want to punch a hole
and roll on trhough), or in the case of the Ivans even artilery
(trust me you don't want to know :P)

> The fact that then they _all_ would have died, including the Delaz Fleet
> soldiers they were supposed to rescue. It was generous - and arguably
> foolhardy - for the Federation to provide an escape route for Delaz's
> soldiers, so that they could live to fight again another day.

        To crush your enemies and see them driven before and hear the
lamentation of their women :P.
        The Feds need to comprehend total war because it's not that
hard. KILL KILL KILL may be overly simplistic but pounding the
opposition until their bones become flour for which you can bake bread
for your children never goes wrong. :)

> Who knows? Could be sponsors. :-)

        I'm I the only one who believed wankerboy should have died in a much
gruesome manner than being burned to a crisp with Amuro Rey? A long
drop at the
scaffolds, a nice old fashioned firing squad.... Just a little
reminder that one
can turn his coat in and out so many times and burn so many bridges
until everybody
gets sick of your mug and decide to the Universe a favor and wipe said
person out.

                                                                        Mad Mike


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