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>1) Do you think it was realistic for Federation to come up with superial
>mobile suit such as Gundam? I believe they had zero mobile suit in the
>beginning of OYW. Which means it took less then a year for them to develop
>create RX-78.
>According to MS Era, Zeon's development of MS started as early as 0070UC.
>was it possible for Federation to over come 10 year deficit.

The Gundam was never meant as a mass produced MS, but always as a prototype
in the Japanese sense of the word (Powerful testbed unit for equipment to be
included in later mass produced units.) And realistically, during wartime,
this is how weapons development usually procedes. (The Atomic Bomb was the
most heavily researched piece of equipment during WW2, and it took three
years, where it would have been ten during peacetime.) As for the ten year
difference, remember the operational difference is more like five years (The
MS-05, which was the first Operational MS, entered service in UC 0074,)not
to mention that the Feds had most likely captured at least one or two Zeon
Zakus, and reverse engineered the technology from it (Not to mention that
espionage could have played a roll.)

>2) Who was in charge of development of Federation MS? I believe Amuro's
>was involved. Was he the designer and creator of RX-78?
Tem Ray was one of the people involved in the V Plan, but certainly not the
only one...
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